How to Grow Your Brand with Facebook Video

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How to Grow Your Brand with Facebook Video

Want your latest post to be viewed more over everyone else’s – but without spending ad money?

It’s simple – make your next Facebook post a video.

With over 8 billion video views daily, it’s no surprise that the video medium is considered the most popular format today on Facebook. Videos are becoming so popular that Facebook is even testing a dedicated video feed where people can browse different channels of videos shared by friends, videos that are trending, and more.

So what does this popularity mean for businesses? It’s all about the organic reach.

Facebook has been giving videos more room in the News Feed, so posts with videos currently have the most organic reach of any type of Facebook post. Since Facebook considers interactive videos more compelling to watch, high quality, entertaining videos that are directly uploaded to Facebook (versus via YouTube link) are guaranteed to get more views than any other post.

Let’s discuss the three areas on how your business can step up it’s video game to increase organic exposure on Facebook.

Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live is a live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their smartphone straight to their Facebook News Feed; it is very similar to the live streaming app Periscope. It’s pretty simple to use; similar to recording a regular video on your smartphone, you select Post -> Go Live from your business’s Facebook page, then point and shoot. As you’re recording, anyone who follows your page will see the Live video on their timeline. Once the video is done, you have the option to share it as a regular post on your page, to further gain engagement. The key word to remember here is that the video is LIVE; so it’s recommended that you do some test runs to get comfortable with this feature before posting live videos to your business’s feed.

Add a Featured Video

Consider the newly added “Featured Video” option as your way to make a kickass commercial of your business without the added cost of actually advertising the commercial on tv. You’ll want to spend a good amount of time and effort into making a high quality Featured Video, as this video will be displayed not only in the About Section of your business’s page but also displayed prominently at the top of your Videos page. Because you can change your Featured Video as often as you like, this is also a great opportunity to not only introduce your business to new potential customers, but also to showcase any special promotions or deals you are currently running. There’s also an option to add a call-to-action and link back to your website when someone views your video, which will help increase traffic and conversions on your website. To upload your video, visit your business’s Facebook page, select More -> Videos and then click the “Add Featured Video” button.

Facebook 360 Videos

We are on the cusp of a new era in user experience: virtual reality. And of course, Facebook is taking full advantage of these new emerging technologies with their new Facebook 360 Video option. Traditionally, our cameras capture anything that’s within 170 degrees in one direction; basically, point and shoot. But when you outfit six cameras into a single unit, pointing not just in one direction but in front, back, left, right up and down, you can record an entire experience from one central point. When a user views the video, they can either click and pan around (like in Google Street View) or they can simply move their phone around to simulate a virtual reality type of experience.

If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, taking advantage of higher traction on Facebook with 360 videos may be well worth the cost of investing in a 360-degree camera, which you can get for less than what you paid for your iPad.

How are you using video’s newfound popularity on Facebook to help grow your brand and engage your community?



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