6 Ways to Promote Your Small Business on Twitter

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6 Ways to Promote Your Small Business on Twitter

While your amount of Twitter followers has historically been viewed as a “vanity metric” by marketing professionals on account of the flash-in-the-pan nature of the platform, Twitter can actually be an incredibly effective avenue to promote your business. There are so many ways that Twitter can be utilized both directly and indirectly and gaining a large amount of followers as a result is a sign you’re doing something right.

Whether you’re a solopreneur running an online coaching business or you own a pizza shop that needs more foot traffic, here’s how to promote your small business on Twitter and find a following that will stay with you.

  1. Find the relevant hash tags for your business or product/service. Personal trainers should use the #fitness hashtag, game developers should use #gamedev and #ScreenshotSaturday, business coaches should use #smallbiz and #entrepreneur. There’s so many more, but check out the tags most relevant to you and use them to target your audience.
  2. Look at what’s trending and capitalize on it. You can use an irrelevant tag that is getting a lot of action, such as this realtor whose husband posed in a dinosaur costume in a house she was selling because T-Rex was trending on Twitter and she thought it’d be fun to show T-Rex buying a house!
  3. Tweet helpful or entertaining content. People are more likely to share content that either answers a burning question, or is entertaining in some way such as an incredible photo or a funny video. If you have great photography or video skills, use them! If writing is your strength, use those relevant hashtags to see what you can do differently from your competitors.
  4. Follow accounts that have the kind of followers you want. If you’re a baker, you want to go where other pro bakers and cake aficionados are. Follow the people who have the kind of audience you want. Chances are they’ll follow you back as a courtesy too.
  5. Retweet and respond to tweets you like. It’s social media, right? There’s no better way to build a following than to engage with people! If someone posted something funny, helpful, insightful, or evocative don’t be afraid to tell them. That kind of engagement fosters a strong following.
  6. Use a social media automation tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to save time. Writing tweets and posting them on a regular basis is time-consuming. You can find cost-effective social media management in tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and others to come up with tweets (and posts for other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) and scheduling them ahead of time. This way, you can go about your day while the automation tool is promoting your business for you. You can still tweet and respond in real time using the tool, which you may want to do on account of the analytics you’ll receive. You can discover the most effective times of day for your own following or your hashtag and schedule posts using that information.

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  1. Leroy Micah M. Reply

    I like the topic since working on growing my business online in social media platforms etc… As a free-enterpriser & entrepreruer very good thanks!

    • jaimie Post authorReply

      Glad you enjoyed it, Leroy! Are there other areas of small business and social media platforms that you want to hear about?

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