What Facebook is Doing to Reduce ClickBait Will Shock You!

Facebook ClickBait

What Facebook is Doing to Reduce ClickBait Will Shock You!

Tired of being lured into clicking on a post because “wait until you see” what she did, because it will “move you to tears” when you read these “shocking facts” that “your jaw will drop” and “you won’t believe what happens next!”?

Apparently, Facebook is as well.

Facebook just announced on Thursday that they are readjusting their ever-changing algorithm yet again; this time, new changes are in place to reduce the amount of “clickbait” that is showing up in people’s News Feed.

So what exactly is the new algorithm looking for in posts? After manually looking through thousands of headlines, a Facebook team of experts came up with the following rules:

– If the headline withholds information required to understand what the content of the article is
– If the headline exaggerates the article to create misleading expectations for the reader

If a Facebook page routinely publishes posts that contain these types of headlines, their posts will start to be demoted in users’ News Feeds in favor of more “authentic” and “genuine” posts.

But will this new algorithm change truly work to reduce clickbait?

Only time will tell, as this isn’t a new battle for Facebook. Over the past two years, Facebook has released at least four algorithm tweaks in hopes of getting ahead of the monster they helped create.

With organic traffic becoming increasingly harder for media companies, who knows what they’ll try to do next in order to game the algorithm and fight for traffic.

For publishers worried that this new algorithm will negatively impact their viewership, Facebook reassures them that there is a simple solution: Stop posting clickbait headlines and your posts will stop being impacted by the new change.

Read the official Facebook statement here.

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