“Facebook at Work” is Here.


“Facebook at Work” is Here.

Almost two years in the making, Facebook at Work is finally set to launch on October 10th.

Can the most powerful social media platform also become the most powerful workplace platform as well?

Facebook at Work, a commercial version of Facebook with an enclosed, private network for businesses, is set to give the current enterprise communication solutions programs such as Slack and Yammer a run for their money.

Although FBaW will have the exact look and feel of the traditional Facebook platform, it will actually be a separate app and separate platform, which should quiet any concerns that businesses may have about any sudden increase in wasted time of their employees being on the social media network.

The cost for businesses to implement this solution hasn’t been finalized or made public yet, but Business Insider has reported that the cost is projected to be between $1 and $5 per user, per month.

Here’s what the first users are saying about Facebook’s Slack competitor.

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