Five Reasons Your Brand Should Have a Snapchat Geofilter


Five Reasons Your Brand Should Have a Snapchat Geofilter

Your daughter’s doing it. Celebrities are doing it. Even your mom is (probably) doing it.

The fact is, 200 million people are definitely using Snapchat Filters and if you haven’t explored the possibilities of creating a custom filter for your brand, then you’re already late to the game. But don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Although Snapchat has made their custom GeoFilters available for creation to all Snapchat users – including businesses – over eight months ago, these filters still remain an underpriced and underutilized means of advertising for brands and businesses.

Exactly what IS a custom Snapchat Geofilter? It’s a pretty simple – yet powerful – addition to the Snapchat app that allows a custom filter to be made available to Snapchat snappers depending on their location in the world. Standing in front of Wrigley Field in Chicago? I’d bet money that the Cubs have a special custom GeoFilter during the baseball season.

If you’re not familiar with Snapchat geofilters – give it a try right now! Simply turn on the GPS on your phone, take a photo and start swiping through the filters; there’s a good chance that if you live in a city or near one, you’ll find some kind of custom Geofilter with your city (or neighborhood’s) name on it.

If your brand is socially savvy or if you are looking for an efficient way of connecting to the millennials, then creating a Snapchat GeoFilter is an absolute must. These filters allow you to communicate the exact location and time of a snap, giving you the chance to engage your viewers in real time. Here are the top five reasons your business should be using geofilters.

The Stats

If you’re a numbers person, than this section is for you! Let’s do a quick review on how well Snapchat is killin’ it in the social media game this year.

  • 200 million monthly active users
  • 70% of the users are women
  • 71% are under 25
  • 45% are between the ages of 17 and 35
  • 11 billion videos watched daily

What does this last stat mean for you? Well, that’s 11 billion incredible opportunities to create brand awareness.

Filters are the Current Social Craze

Giving users the ability to personalize their selfies and snapped moments with creative filters is what sets Snapchat apart from other social media platforms. Sure, you can now do this with Facebook and Instagram but let’s be honest – Snapchat did it first and they are still doing it the best.

A custom brand GeoFilter is the ace of all branded impressions. So why shouldn’t your brand look to capitalize off of this craze?

Capture Attention within Seconds

Because snaps are set to disappear within 10 seconds, people who are viewing them are highly likely to give them their undivided attention. What other form of advertisement gives that kind of guarantee? Sure, you can rewatch someone’s My Story snaps an endless amount of times in a 24 hour period; but the fact that filters are so unique to locations and times means that when people see a snap with a filter they haven’t seen before, you know they’ll be checking it out.

Building Brand Awareness and Loyalty

The ability to create geofilters has become a major key to any company’s viral marketing campaign. When a Snapchatter uses your custom branded filter, they are not only spreading your brand’s awareness on to their friends and followers – it also speaks volume to their brand loyalty. Sure, someone might use your filter because they were on vacation in a city that had your super cool, well designed filter available that none of their friends have seen yet; but I guarantee they’ll never forget your brand name after they’ve willingly used your amazing filter – and neither will their friends.

Even if just 100 people use your filter during a campaign, the number of views those snaps will get could see a multitude of return; if each of those 100 snaps is viewed by 20 people, then your brand essentially reached 2,000 people for just pennies on the dollar.

Take Your Followers on a Journey

The beautiful thing about GeoFilters is the “Geo” part; the ability to share your brand in a specific location. The ability to designate exactly when and where your filter is available for use is key to targeting the right audience with the most attractive content. If you’re throwing an event or hosting a booth at a convention, this is your way of giving people a first class tour of the event and even encourage those within the specific area to join you.

This year’s SXSW is a prime example of how companies can take advantage of geofilters for special events and to really stand out amongst the many competitors present at the same event. Brands such as Gatorade and Vevo both bought on-demand geofilters for the SXSW event.

“For an environment like SXSW, leveraging the filter’s geotargeting capability allowed consumers who went through our experience to enhance their social sharing with a filter connected to what they were experiencing in real time.“ said Kenny Mitchell, senior director consumer engagement for Gatorade.

As a brand, this is your time to get ahead of the curve using custom Snapchat GeoFilters. Need some inspiration? Check out these 23 Creative Brands Already Using Snapchat’s Branded Geofilters.

Need help getting started? Then check out our Step-by-Step Guide on how to Create and Upload a Custom Snapchat Filter. Now get snappin’!

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