3 Easy Steps to Adding Cool Emojis to Your Email Subject Lines

3 Easy Steps to Adding Cool Emojis to Your Email Subject Lines

So what are all the cool kids doing these days?

As if Millennials didn’t love emojis enough, now they’ve made their way into the subject lines of marketing emails everywhere.

Let’s face it – emojis are here to stay. So as a business, embrace the power of the emoji and add “pizazz” to your email subject lines!

In this blog, I’ll outline the 3 quick and easy steps on how you can add emojis to emails in some of the most popular email platforms currently out there.

One thing we can’t stress enough is that you test every email before you send the finalized one to your contacts, since different operating systems render different versions of the same emoji – and some don’t render at all.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact makes it as simple as copy and paste for adding emojis to subject lines.

1. First, head on over to Emojipedia.com and do a quick search for the emoji that best suits the subject and content for your email. They even have shortcuts to categories and “most popular” to help get your creative juices flowing.


2. Once you’ve found the one you wanted, simply click the copy button next to the image.

3. In Constant Contact, head on over to your email draft template and click into the subject line. Paste the copied emoji (command + v on mac, control + v on pc) where you want it around your subject text. Voila! And you’re done.

Important note: the emojis won’t display in a test email in Constant Contact. To test out the subject line first – where we always recommend you do – make a copy of your email and send it to yourself before sending your final version to your contacts. Here’s how.


Mailchimp makes things uber easy for you by providing a built-in emoji picker right in the subject line.

To add emojis, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Setup step of the Campaign Builder.

2. In the Email Subject field, click the Smile Icon and choose the emoji(s) you want to include.

3. Send a test email to verify your subject looks awesome.


While I love InfusionSoft because it’s the all-powerful CRM available today, they do make it just a smidge harder for entering emojis into your subject line. But don’t worry – we still kept it in 3 steps for ya!

1. Just like with Constant Contact, you first need to choose your desired emoji from Emojipedia.com by simply find the one you want and clicking the copy button next to the image.

2. Because InfusionSoft requires ASCII code for the image, once you’ve “copied” the emoji image, head on over to this image to code convert website (click here) and paste your emoji in the UTF-8 input box. When you hit submit, a box will appear underneath with some weird looking code. Ignore the fact that it looks weird and just copy it. For example, a smiley face returns the ASCII code of: =?UTF-8?B?8J+YgA==?=

3. In InfusionSoft, open up your email template and in the subject line, paste the code. Don’t worry – the code will show up as code but once you send yourself a test email, you’ll get to see the actual emoji image.

Top 15 emojis by subject line appearance

Here’s some of the top emojis being used today plus examples from our own personal email of emoji-filled subject lines we’ve received this past week alone.

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